My senior graphic design thesis at Boston University, Harmony of Moving Pieces, explores the ways in which musical theater and design interact and inform each other. As a life-long theater lover, I saw my senior thesis as the perfect way to find the intersections between my two greatest passions and inform others of my findings. 
Thesis statement
Within the structure of musical theater, there exists a harmony of moving pieces. Color, sound, movement, architecture, perspective, and physicality of form combine to create transcendent moments within a constructed reality. To properly experience this construction, the audience must suspend disbelief and become immersed in the narrative. This experience is deeply rooted in design: design of space, design of narrative, design of movement, tied together through co-creation and collaboration. Thus, musical theater and design inform each other.

This thesis aims to break down the pieces of these constructed realities, diving into those harmonious moments in musicals that make our hearts soar—and dissecting them through a visual and design-based lens to understand them more thoroughly. I will experiment with and examine the process behind building a transdisciplinary composition, a living medium that can only be achieved through collecting experiences—visual, performative, auditory, and architectural—and placing them together in cohesion and harmony.
My thesis book is a collection of all of the research and work I completed over the course of my thesis. Its format mimics that of a musical, complete with an overture, two acts, an intermission, and a finale. The editorial grid is constructed as a stage, with text and image functioning as set pieces which are "spiked" (marked) at the beginning of each chapter just as set pieces are on a stage. This 365 page book showcases individual musicals that inspired me, discussions with mentors and peers, my relevant past work that prepared me for this thesis, a thorough dive into the process behind every project I completed, and even an exploration of the infamous ghost light that resides in every theater. The book begins and ends as if it is a theater production; with a question, "Can I help you find your seat?", and a ghost light. 
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